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Luke Rhodes is a Pop-RnB singer and producer. His work is characterized by an energic style and self esteem and retaliation lyrics.
Born and raised in Italy, he starts to play the guitar and sing at the age of six,

learning by himself. After years of private music school, he enrolls in a music high school, where he starts to play the piano and write international pop songs in English.
Shortly afterwards he decides to open a YouTube channel and post video covers,

learning to record and edit videos and audio tracks.
In 2016, he moves from his little town to Rome, where he starts busking and playing in pubs. This is when he starts finding his own sound and perfectioning his producing and editing skills, thanks also to his Bachelor degree in cinematic arts.
In 2017, he meets the producer Sam Wells and the two start the production of his first single: Missed It (I'll Be Gone), characterized by a strong pop rock old-style beat, matching the nostalgic lyrics of the song.
In 2020, after spending two years producing and promoting an acoustic covers album, he decides to show his Hip Hop and RnB influences to the world releasing Look at Me Now in julyand City of my Dreams at the beginning of the next year.
In 2023 he embraces the 80s revival with the comeback of dance influences in the pop mainstream scene, releasing Down Bad, a groovy tune with a light-hearted soul and a retro energic style.


Down bad is an anthem for all the people determined to keep their heart open to love, despite the wounds and the risk of ending up hurt.
It's characterized by an energic Pop-dance style that embraces the 80s music comeback in the mainstream pop.

The lyrics are about the moment you realize that the connection between you and your favorite person is so strong you might have caught feelings for them, and you wonder if the electricity you feel is real or they're just being nice to you. It's exciting and scary at the same time and it takes a lots of courage and strength to choose to be vulnerable.

Producing this track, I combined analogic instruments like electric guitars, a drumkit and a slapped, upfront bassline, with vintage electronic ones, like powerful synth pads and 3 different Roland drum machines.

This production choice brings a retro style to the track, to create the perfect new-old mixture with the modern mix and master.



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